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Individual Therapy

To help your build greater self-acceptance and self-esteem; better expression and management of emotions; improve communication and interpersonal skills; increase ability to change self defeating behaviors and habits;  increase confidence and decision-making skills; and build healthy coping mechanisms. 


 Unable to make your session in person. No problem! We can still connect via a secure online video session.  Covered by most insurances for anyone living in the state of Pennsylvania. 


Sessions often introduce various meditation techniques to help you build resiliency in the nervous system and be in the present moment with greater ease.  Research has shown this to be an effective strategy to decrease depression, regulate anxiety disorders, enhance ability to tolerate distressing emotions, better manage daily stresses to name just a few. 


Trauma Sensitive Yoga  

TSY is a clinical intervention specifically designed to help those affected by trauma feel safe experiencing the present moment, take effective action, and increase confidence by cultivating a healthier relationship with the body and mind.

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